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Amlamé Dress – Organza dress

Details: Amlamé Dress – Organza dress

Amlamé Dress – Organza dress

The Amlamé Dress is made of a transparent organza with a beautiful floral pattern. Its transparency makes it romantic and modern at the same time. Wide straps adorn the top. V-cuts at the front and back set the scene for the décolleté and the back. The skirt is cut in another A-line and adorned at the waist with pleats and decorative inserts that play even more with the transparency and romanticism of the fabric.

The Amlamé Dress is worn in these photos of the model as an overlay on our plain Ama dress. Our pure viscose dress Josie is also perfect to wear under the light organza dress. The fashionista among you can also wear the dress sheer with a high skin-coloured pantie – romantic and exciting at the same time.

Complement the look with one of our belts. The Osayi Belt with a simple knot can accentuate the waist. Or if you prefer the colour gold, our Hidaya Geomtric belt, with gold jewellery elements, is just the thing to complete your wedding outfit.

Amlamé Dress is vegan and made in Germany.

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