Design & Philosophy

kisui – „It´s all about love…..and the right dress!“ Der kisui-Stil ist modern und unaufgeregt, besitzt eine selbstverständliche Coolness, ist romantisch und zeitlos.

kisui-Wedding Collection

We want to make your wedding unforgettable. This day, with all its special moments, will stay in your memory forever. The perfect wedding starts with the right dress – a dress that fits both your body and personality perfectly and in which you feel beautiful. Carefully sourced materials that are comfortable to wear and an exquisite, modern design gives the bride a radiance that no bridegroom or guest will ever forget.

Kerstin Karges

"I hope to continue to have the privilege to be able to design bridal wear, in order to contribute with my designs a bit of happiness on the wedding day. Not often in life are there moments with such strong emotions, romance, love and joy."

Designer Kerstin Karges

Kerstin Karges is the chief designer at kisui – Berlin. Kerstin´s designing talent and skill in tailoring has been part of her family for generations. Her great-grandmother was a master tailor and ran her own atelier and her grandmother continued this trade, passing on her knowledge to her granddaughter at a young age and thereby nurturing her creative talent. After studying fashion design in Berlin and London, Kerstin gained experience working for many big-name designers, including Alexander McQueen, Martine Sitbon and Bernhard Willhelm. With all this experience, she founded her own fashion label – kisui, in Berlin in 2007. Since then, kisui has become known for its contemporary, romantic and passionate style. Kerstin and her team have made an internationally–known label. With its exciting new designs every year, kisui has become a favourite of fashion and wedding magazines both in Germany and around the world. Internationally-known style icons such as Lana Del Ray wear our garments.


kisui – Berlin creates two collections per year. The “kisui – Berlin” collection is elegant bridal couture for the modern, fashionable bride with a casual chic style. It is crafted with the finest silk, exquisite lace and wonderful detail. The “kisui – OUI” collection is young and natural. Fine lace, flowing silk and stretchable material give an air of elegant vintage charm and casual bohemian-chic.

Made in Germany

kisui garments are exclusively designed and produced in Germany. There are many reasons for this: We guarantee perfect quality from the first pencil-stroke of a design to last ironing and packaging of your dream dress. Short distances for transport save energy and are good for the environment. Our production in Germany guarantees good working conditions, fair pay and worker protection so that our superbly trained tailors can work to the best of their ability and allow their happiness to flow into your dream dress.

Price Range

A kisui – Berlin wedding gown costs between 1900 and 4500 Euros, depending on the model. A kisui – OUI wedding gown costs between 1600 and 2200 Euros, depending on the model. Please contact us or a kisui retailer near you for detailed information on specific gowns.


To make sure we are offering you great service, we select our retailers carefully. Unfortunately, we have not found suitable partners everywhere. If you can’t find a kisui retailer in your area, please contact us and we will try to find a solution for you. Unfortunately, kisui gowns are not available to order online. This is to prevent imitations of our designs. All official kisui gowns can be found under “shops”.