Welcome to the Studio

Learn how your dream dress is made, from the first idea to the final gown.


Zu Beginn einer neuen Kollektion steht ein Inspirationsboard mit hunderten Ideen, Themen und dutzenden wunderschöner Stoffe und Spitzen.


Our designer, Kerstin Karges, draws her drafts from the inspirations. With these, the appropriate materials are chosen, cuttings created and prototypes sewn. During the whole design process the blueprints are constantly altered and improved, until a dream dress has been made.

Silk Fabrics

We use only the most valuable, best quality silk for the production of kisui gowns. These include duchesse satin, taffeta, chiffon, georgette and organza. These raw materials come from Italy and England, countries with the tradition of silk-weaving of the highest haute-couture.

Fine Lace

Die verwendeten Spitzen kommen direkt aus Frankreich und Belgien, wo die filigrane Spitzenherstellung seit Jahrhunderten perfektioniert wurde. Highlights setzen aufwendige Bestickungen und zauberhafte Applikationen.

Modern Materials

There are exciting innovations every year with the kisui creations. These can be innovative fabrics, special applications or prints, modern laser-cut patterns or pockets on the wedding gown, which has been internationally imitated many times in recent years. Also, casual new combinations of kid-mohair, woven delicately into jerseys, tops and cardigans have set trends.


Before being used in a dress, the quality of every material is tested. Then, every dress is meticulously tailored with paper cut-out patterns.


The exceptional details of a kisui wedding gown come about through huge amounts of handcraft. The brilliant craftsmanship skill displays real feeling for material, design and fit to make a truly amazing gown.


kisui gowns are only rarely available ready-made. We would love to make your chosen dress especially for you. Our dress sizes range from 32 to 46 but we also make extra-sizes or pregnancy dresses on request.

Made in Berlin

Your dress is made in Germany with much love and attention to detail. All kisui designs are made in Berlin, from the first sketch to the last stitch on the gown. This way, we can guarantee the highest quality of every part of the dress.