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Wedding Dress: Style Najuma Tree

Details: Wedding Dress: Style Najuma Tree

The Najuma Tree wedding dress is made from a modern sustainable material with a fine stripe pattern.

The pattern is very delicate and elegant, woven tone-in-tone into the fabric. The skirt part is cut as a circle skirt and the flowing fabric can fall especially beautifully here.

The top of the wedding dress has a V-neckline at the front and back. It is cut loosely and drapes beautifully towards the straps for a casual look. The perfect fit is guaranteed by a light corsage on the inside. A golden button adorns the fastening at the back.

You can also combine the wedding dress perfectly with one of our belts. In these photos we have chosen the Oh Carol belt. But our Leather Bow faux leather belt also goes wonderfully with it.

The style is casual and elegant at the same time.

Najuma Tree is also available with a leo pattern as Najuma.

The Najuma Tree dress is made in Germany.

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